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Be an inventor. Publish everything from digital magazines to ecatalogs and internal communications tools with the mag+ app making software. Engage your audience with audio, video, slideshows and in-app analytics. Visit the videos section to see step by step tutorials and showcases of mobile apps in action. Download the app making tools and start building your app for Android or iOS devices today.

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App Inventor – A Title Worth Wearing

This piece, written by Mike Haney, originally appeared on eMedia Vitals. It’s time to reboot your app invention strategy! Some of our customers laugh when we call them app inventors, but the title is worth wearing. It brings a certain commitment to exploration, trial and error and potentially wild success in the mobile app space. Sure, …

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63% of App Builders Focus on Customer Engagement Over Sales in Mobile: How You Can, Too.

63 percent of app builders focus on engagement as a top priority versus sales in mobile app creation. image: iStock. A recent survey from Forrester Research Inc. and mobile payment vendor OpenMarket Inc. found app builders to find customer engagement to be far more important than making sales when it comes to creating mobile apps. … Read More »

The Help Page — What Every App Inventor Needs to Know

One of the things you hear a lot from people who like to complain about digital magazine apps is “If you have to tell me how to use it, you’ve already failed.” I think that’s completely insane. I had to read instructions for Candy Crush (and Doodle Jump and Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja) the …

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VF Corporation Annual Report

VF Corporation is an $11-billion apparel and footwear powerhouse whose portfolio of brands includes The North Face, Lee, Nautica, Wrangler, and many more. These brands’ diverse products reach consumers wherever they choose to shop, be it online, in stores, or through mobile devices. VF Corporation worked with app inventor creative agency And Partners, which used … Read More »

10 Ways to Avoid Apple’s Rejection

The day a developer submits her app to Apple is an exciting and nerve-racking moment.  It can fill you with pride or leave you feeling defeated. And although app review remains a totally subjective realm, there are some basic tips that can improve your chances of approval. Over the course of submitting hundreds of apps …

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