Apple Newsstand – How to publish a Newsstand App

Apple Newsstand and how to publish your app to the Newsstand is a business critical question. In this post you’ll learn how to get your app in the Apple Newsstand.

The difference between a Newsstand App and a regular App

A Newsstand App will gain greater visibility in app searches since it will appear both in the regular App Store and in the Newsstand Store.

All iOS devices have a default app pre-installed, the Newsstand. Once a Newsstand App is downloaded it will be shown with its cover in the Newsstand. A regular App, that’s downloaded, is shown with the App icon outside the Newsstand on the desktop of the iPad or iPhone.

Requirements for Newsstand Apps

  • In order to be approved as a Newsstand App you must publish periodically. The opinions differ on how often you must publish issues but our experience is that one should publish at least four issues per year. If you publish less than that Apple might reject your app to be on Newsstand.
  • A subscription must be offered inside the App. You can choose which subscriptions periods to be offered. If you’re only publishing free issues just offer a free subscription. When a user signs up for a subscription all new issues will be downloaded automatically to their device when published. This can be turned off by the user in the device settings.
  • You need to have a push notification certificate.

Step by step guide: How to publish an App to Apple Newsstand

1. Go to iTunesConnect and click Manage Your Applications.

Apple Newsstand How To Publish 1

2. Click on the App you wish to make a Newsstand App

Apple Newsstand How To Publish 2

3. Click the Newsstand button in the App section.


4. Activate Newsstand by pressing the Enable button.

Apple Newsstand How To Publish 3

5. In order to save the Newsstand setting you have to upload a default Newsstand image. This image is the image that will be shown in Newsstand when the system can’t upload the latest cover image available.

6. Click Save.

At this point, you should have something similar to the picture below.

Apple Newsstand How To Publish 4

For more details about this process please read in our Support Forum about how to create a Newsstand App with paid and free issues or how to build an app with only free issues. You can also use these article if you’d like to update an existing app to become a Newsstand app.

More information about Apple Newsstand and how to publish your newsstand app

  • Dustin Saiidi

    Do I need an APP to publish a newstand? What if I don’t have an app, but just want to start publishing a magazine?

    • Sam

      you can not publish a pdf directly to newsstand. you will need an app to publish your magazine. you can get your app developed by some developer once and then you can publish the magazine issues yourself.

    • Paige_Magplus

      Hi Dustin,

      Yes, you will need an app, and then you can publish your issues through the app. The Mag+ tools make it fairly simple. Let us know how we can help!

  • Gianluigi Lasco

    What is the exstation/format for a magazine in newstand? Epub? Folio? Pdf?
    I need to keep multimedia content.


    • Paige_Magplus

      Hi Gianluigi,

      All magazines are using different formats in Newstand. We are using MIB, DPS is using folio. Some publishers use PDF or EPUB. In iBooks you can only use Apple’s own iBook format though.

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  • Razel

    Hi –

    Is it possible to publish an ad within Newstand only?


    • magplus

      Hi Razel,

      The ad will need to live within an app in order to be published in Newsstand.

  • Jenny Patman

    Hi, If we want to have one app that contains several distinct magazines. Is this possible?

  • Vistinct

    What’s the cost of publishing an application on the store