63% of App Builders Focus on Customer Engagement Over Sales in Mobile: How You Can, Too.


63 percent of app builders focus on engagement as a top priority versus sales in mobile app creation. image: iStock.

A recent survey from Forrester Research Inc. and mobile payment vendor OpenMarket Inc. found app builders to find customer engagement to be far more important than making sales when it comes to creating mobile apps.

The survey of 167 mobile channel decision makers revealed that 63 percent cited customer engagement as the number 1 concern.  A mere 27 percent listed sales as a top priority.

Forward-thinking companies find sales from mobile, as part of a multichannel strategy, a result that may come after enjoyable app interaction makes their customers even more loyal to the brand. If your management is measuring the success of your app by downloads or sales numbers, it’s time to tell them to focus on engagement

mag+ has put its primary focus in 2014 on helping our customers better engage their own. With easy-to-use advanced analytics from our partners, a revamped storefront, and a powerful newsfeed to reach out and connect meaningfully with segmented portions of your audience base, we are on a drive to make engagement easier than ever. Learn more about engagement tools and strategies here.

With mag+ and our partner tools you can easily:

  • See what content is interesting to your subscribers, as well as what never gets clicked, and give them more or less
  • Reach out to specific users who haven’t been back in a while
  • Communicate about the coolest new features, or cross-promote an app from another brand in your portfolio
  • Engage your base between issues with breaking information
  • Get real-time feedback from your customers with a customer feedback option
  • And much, much more…

The Forrester/OpenMarket report says, “When it comes to how companies are driving their mobile engagement, it’s clear that they view mobile communications as just a small part of an overall engagement strategy. As a result, there is a high level of interest in adopting advanced mobile services including SMS, MMS, push messaging, email, voice, and QR codes to drive a holistic engagement strategy.”

As you devise your strategy, ask yourself how you will put engagement first. mag+ has helped develop thousands of apps. Our clients have done some great things. If you need help, please call on us.