The 2019 Content Guide to Maximize Interactivity and Engagement

Content Guide to Maximize Interactivity and Engagement

On a particular topic or a specific problem, you may find plenty of articles to read. In such a competitive and content-saturated market, boring or outdated content has no survival chances and only results in early abandonment.

Modern readers are continuously looking for a credible source of valuable, interactive, and quality content. Thus, even a static digital magazine is as obsolete as any print content. Accepting this reality, magazine publishers are increasingly adopting robust interactive content development strategies. They are continually focusing on innovative approaches to consistently create and distribute engaging content to attract and retain their audience.

Carefully composed magazine content, tailored to meet the needs of your audience is not only loved by the readers but also drives traffic to your website. It is of high importance in the online world as increased traffic boosts the conversions exponentially.

Here, we’ll explore best practices to create interactive content, grab readers’ attention and expand the user base.

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Work on the look and feel of templates

An attractive template helps in providing an excellent user-interface to the readers. A well-written content if not delivered in a user-friendly template may come up as a game spoiler. Always pay attention to designing beautiful templates with readable content, highlighted headings or subheadings, appropriate white spaces, and smooth navigation.

Formulate a detailed menu or interactive table of contents with nested details and ease of use. Assign separate space to categorized content, for example, designate a particular space for the highlight of the day, other for the upcoming attractions, and so on.

Publish relevant content

Nothing draws more attention than a useful and unique content. It should solve the problems of your users or provide them with what they are interested in. Determining the needs of users is often the practice observed by the content creators itself to deliver the right content to the target audience.

Make your content more relevant by adding the appropriate articles with categorized subheads so as to convey the right and complete message you want to deliver. Publishing relevant content is a great way to build a network of great followers and boost the credibility of your publication.

Create an impact with illustrative infographics

Humans are visual learners and anyway grabs more information from visual objects like images, graphs or tables. Increase on-page visiting time and click-through rates by building the content more interesting by aptly embedding the infographics in the right place.

For example, It is a much better idea to display the evolution of computers over the years by using an illustrative timeline graphics rather than just mentioning the information in form of plain text. This will not only inform the readers but also help them in retaining the information for longer durations.

Step up the strategy by optimum usage of videos

In recent years, our Facebook page, emails, feeds, all have been infused with videos. What has caused this transition? The answer is the users’ choice, this is what they like doing online, this is what they find captivating and want to watch more and more. Aligning your strategy with users’ requirements is the key to success. For example, if you are in home’s interior designing niche, then circulating how-to or DIY videos on self-decorating a nook of house or dining area, or other areas of interests instantly gives you an edge over the competition. By now, I am sure that you have already understood how essential it is to come up with more attractive and informative videos. This is an outstanding asset and in most of the cases end up generating a high return on investments.

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Try your hand in producing podcasts

While reaching out to your target audience, leave no stone unturned. You write continuous blogs, instantly communicate via social media channels, and provide a one-of-a-kind reading experience. Now other than all this, podcasts are also an interesting way to convey your message and create a special bond with your worthy readers.

Take a few hours out of your weekly schedule and express your thoughts and ideas through the medium of podcasts to all those who eagerly wait for your magazine. Let them listen to your recorded audio on their devices while performing daily chores or traveling to work. Isn’t that great to be constantly on your user’s mind without trying hard and sounding like yet another marketing strategy?

Consider adding CTAs

Deliberate addition of call-to-action buttons or links at the right locations can prove to be greatly useful in driving more traffic and increasing conversions. However, this is often tricky and requires detailed analysis as bombarding your content with random CTAs may have an inverse effect and may end up increasing bounce rates.

Make sure to mind map the user expectations and requirements and proceed accordingly. Embed them in between the content or in the side panels of your magazine by detailing out the desired or guiding information. Help them in getting more reasons on why they need to continue clicking on the button or complete the action. This will help in transforming more of your visitors into loyal customers and widen your clientele.

Gain credibility by Back-linking

Backlinks not only guide your users to more useful data, it also builds credibility. It sends out a signal to your customers that you understand them in and out and know what else they need to know. For example, if you are writing an article on a broad topic such as how to start your business, you may keep the context limited by providing external links to the suitable content.

This will also drive traffic to the previously written articles and increase page visits. Who knows a previously written content may emerge as a recurring trend or talk of the town.

Engage your readers with quizzes

This is a great way to involve your readers and make their interaction more memorable. Post weekly or daily quizzes on topics of interest of the target audience. To enhance readership and attract existing readers, these quizzes may be followed by the declaration of winners and goodies distribution to the top performer.

Not only quizzes, engross consumers with quick survey, upcoming article writing competition, rapid questionnaire, sketch competition, and so on. Serve in a different way by touching the inquisitive and creative side of your valuable readers.

Focus on producing evergreen content

Evergreen content is always read and appreciated by the audience irrespective of the published date. This is one of the most important weapons of the publisher’s arsenal as it can be easily repurposed if required.

Consider producing such a timeless piece of writing so as to invite more views. Also, it is suggested to continually indulge in the optimization of already published content. Keeping your content up-to-date with the contemporary beliefs and facts always proves beneficial and develop trust among the content consumers.

And that’s a wrap. We’ve gone over quick and easy ways to build interactive content. Follow these steps to stand ahead of your competitors and boost conversions. At the same time, as one size doesn’t fit all, it is highly recommended to innovatively apply all these steps as per your business goals and requirements.