A new type of iPad Magazine – the Mappgazine!

What do you get if you combine a map, an app and a magazine? A Mappgazine – or if you wish, a very nicely curated magazine-style city guide of Madrid.

As much as L’Almendra is a city guide of Madrid, it also provides an interesting magazine style experience, featuring different downtown routes in Madrid with things to do and places to explore. The structure of the App is different from most iPad city guides as it takes advantage of showing different content in portrait and landscape modes. In portrait mode, the center of Madrid has been divided into four regions: Austrias/La Latina, Malasana / Conde Duque, Chueca / Alonso M and Huertas /Lavapies. Every month, L’Almendra will feature and recommend things to do and see in each region, including historical sites, architecture, restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, etc. in magazine-style articles. When turning the iPad to landscape mode, the screen becomes a map of the suggested route, providing users with ways to reach the featured locations.

Here’s a video showing off the App: