Add 3D Objects to your mag+ Issue!

One thing we’ve learned about designing mobile apps for touchscreen devices is that people love to touch objects—the 3D rotation remains not only a cool effect, but a really valuable editorial tool for conveying information about a product. Moreover, when used in an advertising context, 3D product views can be used to create some of the most engaging ad units out there. If you want to incorporate that feature into your issue, but aren’t sure how to get started, meet Swipe to Spin.

Swipe to Spin is a new company we’ve been working with here at mag+ that focuses exclusively on creating and rendering 3D objects, either from actual physical objects (using a cool robotic camera) or from existing CAD drawings. The company has an HTML-based renderer for displaying these objects, so incorporating them into your issue is as easy as drawing a box and dropping in the HTML. You can even add links to the objects, so people can tap to learn more, for instance.

Check out the movie below of Swipe to Spin’s technology in action and reach out to to learn more.

Swipe To Spin from on Vimeo.