Animate Your Mobile App with Enhanced Slideshows

Mobile App AnalyticsThe last mag+ update, 5.3, brought a new feature that we’ve been eagerly waiting for: enhanced slideshows. In short, it allows you to put multiple kinds of objects—not just photos—on individual slides in an InDesign-built slideshow, including movies, audio and clickable hotspots. But it’s actually way more powerful than it seems.

“Slideshows” has always been a limiting way of describing what that feature actually does. Yes, you can make a regular old swiping slideshow, but because you use the Object States panel to create one, it’s equally useful for making animations or other motion-based effects. That’s because an “Object State” can be more than just a new picture; it can be additional type, the same elements in new positions or an entirely new layout. Each “slide” in your slideshow is a new Object State. Combine that with the ability to make a slideshow play automatically (without the user swiping) and control the delay between slides and you can make some cool effects.

Now, with the new feature, you can animate more than just static images or text. For instance, you could have an animation end in a movie or incorporate a video into the middle of animation. Or you could have a sound play during the animation (imagine the sound of construction while your headline appears letter by letter or a “whooshing” noise as an image flies onto the screen).

The new enhancement makes regular slideshows that much more powerful too, since you can now add clickable areas to each slide. That means you could have captions for the images in a popup, or links to a web site for products in a product slideshow. With this new feature, there’s almost no interactive effect you can’t achieve with mag+!

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