Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?

How often do you use your smartphone? Can you even quantify that? According to iDigitalTimes, “the average phone user spends 3.6 hours of their day on their device.”  That’s a significant portion of your time! Unless you happen to work in mobile tech or social content creation, I can’t help but wonder what constructive things can we be doing on our devices that take up this amount of time? Let’s be real, time is precious and you won’t be getting it back.

The study cited above also points out that the more narcissistic a person is, the more inclined they are to be addicted to their smartphone, and display signs of separation anxiety when their phone is taken away from them. Interesting stuff. I suppose those Instagram selfies are more dangerous than you thought!

We definitely love our smartphones here at mag+! In fact, we have some employees that we think are borderline addicted. Are you? Take this handy quiz to help you determine how addicted you are to your smartphone. Let us know your results!