Build Better Content Apps with Mag+ 5.0

We’re thrilled today to unveil our 5.0 system update, designed to help you find more success with your content app by giving you new tools to drive more app downloads, more in-app purchases and deeper customer engagement. Take a look!

Here are just some of the things 5.0 will help you do:

Sell more issue and subscriptions with our redesigned in-app storefront.

We’ve combined the store and library spaces into one more customizable screen, and added features like resizable promotional banners and a featured content area. Read more about the storefront here.

Expand to the Android market with our completely rebuilt Android reader apps.

In addition to supporting all the same creative features as the iOS apps, as well as our unique scaling issues so one design works on all Android tablets, we’ve revamped the UI and the store, and added support for Appboy features. Click here for more details on the new Android reader apps.

Drive more app downloads with our new partner service eMagazines Insights.

This service helps you track conversions and results on your app marketing campaigns, so you can see real ROI on any email, banner or ad for your app. See what else you can do with eMagazines.

Get more creative with your design using our new pop-up panel in the plug-in.

Now, any item, from HTML elements to slideshows, can be popped up, and pop-ups can have links to web sites, other pages or even other popups. Read more about the new pop-up panel.

These are just a few of the new capabilities. Click here to read the full release note and see all the ways Mag+ can help you get more out of your content apps and better serve your audience.

The 5.0 update is available starting today and features updates to all parts of the Mag+ content publishing software, so you can build and submit iOS and Android app updates, as well as install the new 5.0 tools. As always, 5.0 apps will read older MIB versions, so go ahead and use the tools even before your new app is submitted and approved.

Any questions? Contact your sales rep or let us know on our support site.