Comcast Navigate: A Perfect Example of Mobile Sales Simplification

Comcast Wholesale, a division of Comcast Cable, provides media, communications, advertising and technology businesses simplified access to the latest in networking, content delivery, subscriber experience and digital asset management. The company describes one uniting goal: to make the path to digital delivery easier to follow.

When simplification is at the core of the business, company sales materials that follow the same spirit are obviously important. Working with the mag+ tools, Comcast Wholesale created the perfect tool for sales representatives to use in their complex field of business. The tool is a mobile app called Navigate!

The app is user-friendly with a header menu that makes navigation super simple and in-app-confusion impossible. Comcast Wholesale’s mobile app features amazing graphics and animations, making content interactive and cool. The Navigate mobile sales app makes great use of the mag+ vertical scroll feature. It also includes innovative design, making the product feel very cutting edge.

“The purpose of the app is to tell the Comcast Wholesale story and help dictate the conversations our sales people are having in their meetings. Our team loves it!” says Roshan Nozari, Senior Specialist at Comcast Wholesale. The twenty sales team members equipped with Navigate are safe to meet potential clients with confidence. With breathtaking graphics that show the full service portfolio of Comcast Wholesale along with an illustrative video describing the company’s core values, this app is the perfect example of sales simplification!

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