Creative design examples from tablet magazines, pt 1

The design process can be hard, especially if you aren’t really familiar with everything that you can do when designing a magazine for the iPad for example. A great way to find inspiration is to check out what others have done. We’d like to help everyone using our software; In a mini series of 4 videos, we show off some of the cool features we found among the finalists in our “Magnify Your World” contest.

The first part contains examples from Vianamag. Here, you’ll find a great example of showing off fashion. A model has been photographed in a lot of different outfits and in different poses. Swiping the image of the model spins through the different outfits until it stops at a random outfit. This kind of interaction makes discovery of the different outfits more fun and engaging.

It also contains examples from J3Z:SE, a fashion and design magazine, where an image is hidden behind a pattern that you have to scroll to reveal other parts of the image. It creates a feeling of watching someone in secret. A double tap hides the pattern and reveals the whole image.

The third example is from Redeye for iPad, with a very innovative, interactive way of reviewing movies using a venn diagram. It also shows an example of using design as part of the story.

If you like this post, please let us know. We’ve got three more of these planned, and we’d love to do more of them – if they help you.