Creative design examples from tablet magazines, pt 2

This is the second of four videos in our mini series where we show off some of the cool features we found among the finalists in our “Magnify Your World” contest. We hope that these help you as a creative to create better apps with our tools.

The first example comes from RedEye for iPad. Here’s a nice way of designing a regular feature, where five experts answer five questions. In a printed edition, you’d have to show all five answers at the same time, in a more complicated matrix. RedEye’s designers instead chose to show the answers to one question at a time. And if you think someone gives interesting answers, you can instantly follow them on Twitter.

The second comes from Romania Through The Lens, an app that advertises Romania. The designers combine a pop-up layer with a gallery. The photos are really beautiful, and this is a great way of showing them off. They also use sound in an innovative way. Photos can be used to convey a certain mood or feeling, and by adding music that experience becomes far more immersive.

What do you think?