Designd 6.2 Features Slideshow Indicator Color Options

Hey creatives! mag+’s new 6.2 release includes a new feature which will enable you to further refine your designs.


Since the introduction of slideshows over a year ago, mag+ designers have been forced to work with a single light grey color for their slide show indicator dots. This has proven to be a point of frustration when that particular color caused the indicator dots to “vanish”, or blend into certain color combinations in photography and other slideshow style artwork or graphics.


Now, within the Designd Object palette, once you create a slideshow,  you can customize BOTH the Indicator AND the Current slide indicator. You can even set the opacity. Take a look at the sample below.







For even more control, add your own custom RGB colors to your mag+ document for use in the indicator. Just open the swatches palette and add a new swatch. Name it with mag+ in the beginning, as shown here, and your new custom RGB swatch will appear in the drop down menu of the Object palette.



Stay tuned for more creative upgrades coming this spring and we’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with!