Develop iPad apps on Windows in 10 steps

If you’re one of the many people looking for a way to develop iPad apps on Windows, you might be told that it is not possible, but it is! With mag+ you can use Windows to make your iPad app. All you need is Adobe InDesign CS 4 – 6 and the mag+ tools.

Develop iPad apps on Windows

Let’s be clear from the beginning. You will need to borrow a Mac from your friend to perform the last step in this guide, which is to upload your app to Apple. Since you have to borrow a Mac we also recommend that you use it for a small part of step 8 even if you don’t have to.

Before the last step you will need access to the Apple iOS Developer Program.

This is how you can develop your iPad app on Windows with mag+

      1. Sign up for mag+. It’s free.
      2. Download the mag+ InDesign Plugin and the mag+ Production tool. They’re free.
      3. Install the tools.
      4. Start creating your layouts by following this advice. It’s very straightforward.
      5. Download the mag+ Reviewer to your iPad, and instantly preview your design.
      6. Assemble your designs to create an issue with the mag+ Production Tool.

Now that you have designed your content on Windows – this is how to launch your iPad app

  1. Get the mag+ license of your choice.
  2. The license gives you access to mag+ Publish where you can configure your app. Follow these instructions (you will need to login with your free mag+ account to access this link). Part of this step is about creating a distribution certificate, a push notification certificate and the distribution provisioning profiles. Even if you can create them all on a PC we recommend that you do this on your friend’s Mac because it is much easier.
  3. Now back in Windows again. Upload your issue to mag+ Publish. Learn how (again, you will need to login with your free mag+ account to access this link).
  4. Upload your app to the iTunes App Store using the software Application Loader from iTunes Connect. Unfortunately Apple has only made the Application Loader available for Mac. That’s why you need to borrow your friend’s Mac for this final step.

That's how you develop iPad Apps on Windows – please share the news with your friends!