Digital Publishing Explained by The Church

The This is Digital Publishing app by The Church shows users all of the great things they can do and create using digital publishing. The Church does an awesome job of introducing how content can live in a mobile app, and how it is an interactive experience that readers love.


Video Visuals

There are tons of examples of cool video effects in the issue that make the app come to life. The cover of the issue has video as a background B-Layer for a really eye-catching effect! The Church then presents a simple page that asks, “What’s in a digital publication?” When the user swipes down, an in-app video pops up of an iPad displaying an interactive mobile magazine.

The Power of Digital Publishing

The app goes on to answer the pressing question: “Why is digital publishing so powerful?” The app prompts users to swipe a chair visual back and forth, which goes from a reclined position to being situated upright. This motion is used to show that using a mobile device allows for a more relaxed and engaging experience compared to sitting at a computer desk. What a creative use of the mag+ tools!

E-Commerce Creativity

The e-commerce section of the issue explains how retailers can market and sell their products through mobile apps. The Church displays a rotating plus sign to show how users can get a full 360° view of retailers’ products. We also love the next page that says, “A picture tells a thousand words… Imagine what moving ones can do!” By tapping the screen, a colorful in-app video pops up of one of The Church’s clients.

Interactive Business Content

In the business case for digital publishing, The Church includes several interactive graphs that move when the user swipes the tablet. The user can see the lines on the line graph sprout up along with the pie graph popping up followed by the bar graph showing tablet usage. This is a great way to engage users and get them excited about the content in the app.

Take a look at the video below to see for yourself what this app can do!

We love the minimalist design and ease of use of this app from The Church! You can download This is Digital Publishing on the App Store and on Google Play.

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