Digital Publishing takes the next step into the future with Mag+ 3.5

We’re very excited today to announce the next step in digital publishing: our latest release, v3.5, a release that brings many devices with it. Astute observers will notice this is a bit of a version jump, since the last version was 3.2. That’s because there is some serious innovation going on in this release, primarily on the plug-in side. You can read the full release note here, but I want to talk a bit about that plug-in magic.

The big feature in 3.5 is what we call Multi-Device Export. (We favor the straightforward names here at Mag+.) In short, it’s the ability for you to design for one device and then have the plug-in automatically transfer that design to several other differently sized devices. You can have it either just create and populate the other devices’ InDesign files, or go all the way through to an export to an issue folder. This means that even if you’re not doing Android or Kindle Fire designs yet, you can still use this to make exporting for iPad and iPad retina a one-click affair.

A bit about the background of this. As many of you know, Adobe has introduced something similar to this in CS6 called Liquid Layout. It’s a very cool, very powerful tool, and we’ll support Liquid Layout settings in a coming release. But with this we’re aiming to do something that’s much simpler to learn and start using on day one, and that will work even if you’re on CS4 or 5. And because one of our core beliefs at Mag+ is that you need to design for the device your user is on, we wanted to give you the chance to optimize those Fire or iPhone layouts. With this feature, we hope that we’ve done 90 percent of the work for you—copying all assets and links to a new file, re-sizing everything—for moving your designs to new devices. You can even set up style sheets that transfer from template to template so you can have even more control over how the export will work.

I do want to add, however, that this is the first iteration of this. We’ll be adding more rules and methods for changing your design, like object- or guide-based rules, and I’m sure that we have missed some little thing. Please dive in and don’t hesitate to let us know if you find any bugs or anomalies and we’ll get on them right away. Here’s a full support article on multi-device export.

The other thing definitely worth mentioning in this release is our iPhone product. You’ll see the templates for iPhone in this release, and our iPhone Reviewer is just waiting for final Apple approval. Coming in the next release—early September—we’ll open up the iPhone app builds in Publish for everyone, but we’ll also be launching a handful of beta customers over the summer. Check out our gorgeous first two apps, ICON and British Journal of Photography.

We’re really interested in hearing what you think. All our users are part of building the future of digital publishing, and whether it’s a feature you think is missing – no matter how small – or something you’d like to see working differently, please submit either a Feature Request or ask a question/file a support issue in our support forums.

PLEASE NOTE: The iPhone Reviewer app that is needed for live review on your iPhone is not yet live in Appstore. We’re still waiting for Apple to review it. You can use the reviewer app for Xcode which you can get right here. We will update as soon as we know when the iPhone Reviewer app can go live.
Last week, we hosted a webinar about Mag+ 3.5, here’s a replay if you want to see the magic in action

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