Push It! Drive Sales With Targeted Notifications

With the rise of mobile, it’s become easier than ever for consumers to access content whenever they want, wherever they go. But that increased ease of access has also resulted in increased competition for the
companies providing that content. To stay ahead of the curve, companies need to leverage modern tools like push notifications, which can reach customers even if they’re not currently using your app.
Apps that implement push see an 8.8% increase in purchases, reviews and other conversions year over year, giving them a significant revenue boost and improving engagement.


Okay, so push is great – does that mean you should stop sending emails to customers you want to make a purchase? Not so fast! Push fatigue is a real thing: 80% of people will uninstall an app if they feel they’re receiving too many push notifications, making it a risky proposition to send messages that recipients aren’t excited about.

To make the most of push, you should be using them as part of a larger marketing strategy that includes email, in-app messages and other messaging channels. These different approaches are complementary and work better together than apart. Wendy Pan, a member of the customer success team at leading mobile marketing automation provider Appboy, puts it this way: “An email or an in-app message can plant an idea – a notification
can push users over the desired edge,” resulting in a successful conversion.

According to Pan, the best way to ensure that your customers respond to your marketing is to prioritize that every message you send them is relevant and valuable to each individual. By collecting data on your users’ behavior and activity (such as purchases, the articles they view, their physical location), you can better understand what they value about your app and more accurately personalize the messages you send. Plus, robust customer data can power advanced tools like Intelligent Delivery, which significantly increases views and conversions by making sure that each individual user receives messages at the exact time that they’re most likely to engage.

Are you ready to take your app to the next level and use targeted push notifications to more effectively reach your users? Contact mag+ today and get set up with the best tools in the industry!