Free exhibition app; The Legacy of Andy Warhol


Last week the exhibition “The Legacy of Andy Warhol” opened at the art venue, Artipelag in Stockholm Sweden. We went and we loved it! There’s so much to see and a lot of fun interactive sections around the exhibition. For instance; a film and photo booth, screen printing workshops and not to mention the cool music room that is part of the exhibition. In the music room visitors can sit down and learn more about Andy Warhol’s influence and involvement in pop music from the 1950s to the 1980s. The information is nicely presented as apps on several iPads in the room. We can’t help but to brag about the fact that these exhibition apps have been created with the mag+ Designd tool.

“We base our interactions and digital pedagogy on the mag+ platform. For each exhibition we produce a comprehensive digital catalog for the iPad and Android tablets. We also make a separate, more slimmed version for Smartphones that includes audio guides” says Samuel Lind, Digital producer & graphic designer at Artipelag.


“For the actual exhibitions, we’re creating different iPad/tablet experiences for the visitors to interact with in the actual showrooms. Examples of that is a reading room, where the visitor can sit a read about the artist and their work, in a previous exhibition we had a music quiz and in our current The Legacy of Andy Warhol exhibition we have included a video booth that’s proven to be very popular among visitors”.


“The whole idea with including mobile app experiences is to create a more open and accessible exhibition where information is spread in various ways to the visitors. It doesn’t replace print material, nor does it replace our knowledgeable hosts, but it gives us an opportunity to share more information and provide a better experience for the visitor”.

Good News if you’re not able to go:

If you ‘re not able to go, you can still experience the exhibition by downloading the entire digital exhibition catalogue as an app for your smartphone or tablet. It contains everything about the exhibition including videos, audios guides, playlists and more. This digital exhibition catalogue app is also created with our tool and it’s free to download for: iOS and Android.