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We make it part of our mission to listen to the needs of our customers and find ways to meet that need. One of the things we hear from those in the publishing industry is that internal resources are in short supply these days! While a robust app version of your print magazine, brochure or annual report may be on your to do list (or just your wish list), you may not have the people you need to get it done.

That’s where our Creative Services Team comes in. Our amazing design professionals can help you get your app off the ground and into the hands of your audience!

Print replica conversion


mag+ will convert a hi-resolution PDF into a portrait only digital .MIB file ready for app distribution. Includes basic jump links and hyperlinks. Additional interactivity such as overlays and video are add-ons.

Do-It-Yourself Print Replica Training

During this 2-hour session, we’ll teach your team how to use our automated process for turning a PDF into a mag+ issue, including issue set up and ordering and adding jump and web links.

Optimized Conversion

We can take your existing materials, whether print or digital, and re-design them for a native, touchscreen environment, taking advantage of the infinite canvas and interactivity. Also includes placement of client-supplied video and audio, and basic HTML interactivity.

Creative Concierge

Matthew Cokeley

Matthew Cokeley, Executive Creative Director and Vice President, Product, Services, Sales & Operations for mag+.

Want to create a brand new digital-only document or issue? Our creative team can help you conceive the product, create the design language and templates and execute the layout, with as much interactivity as the project demands. Contact us to discuss an estimate.

Don’t let staffing issues hold you back! Our Creative Services Team is ready to help you meet your goals and knock out your to-do list!

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