Get Immersed with the Premier Guitar Digital Magazine App

Reading magazines just got more fun! Customers can experience Premier Guitar Magazine on a different level with their mobile app. Premier Guitar publishes magazines for guitar aficionados with the latest reviews of guitar products and more. The digital magazine provides entertaining  details and interactive experiences to help enhance the magazine reading experience. See how the Premier Guitar Apple app or Android app keep you swiping for more!


Read Virtually Anywhere on a Mobile App

The Premier Guitar Digital Magazine App has multiple magazine issues that customers can download directly onto their mobile devices. Each issue is beautifully designed with full page text and images. Readers can read the magazine anywhere while they are on the go. It’s all available digitally in the mobile app!



Digital Features

What sets this mobile magazine apart from its physical issue is that customers can zoom into HD images to get a crystal clear look at the featured products. The products and advertisements are also conveniently linked to their specific website for ease of purchase. There are many interactive buttons that customers can tap in order to listen to sound bytes and view demo videos. Being able to listen to and see the guitars in action allows the readers to actually experience the guitars. This truly sets the mobile experience apart from the printed magazine!

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Tapping buttons also allows customers to expand text boxes for additional information. This helps to reduce clutter on the page. Another great feature in this app is the step-by-step interactive lessons customers can use to learn how to play a featured song. Premier Guitar has done a great job utilizing mag+ Designd interactive tools in order to make the magazine reading experience more fun and exciting.



Check out the Premier Guitar digital magazine app on any Apple or Android mobile device to see how the app enhances the magazine customer experience.