How Semble Helped a Farmer, a Fashion Designer and a World Memory Champion

You love apps. You have a million of them on your home screen. You also have a business whose customers would love an app, and customers you can’t reach because you don’t have an app. Until now, you thought that a mobile app meant hiring a designer or some tech firm, and you have other places to spend your budget and your time.

Oh, yes, you’ve heard of DIY app creation tools. The idea of “you” creating your own mobile app either leaves you laughing hysterically or crying in a corner. Today, Semble by mag+ is introducing three business people who felt the same way you do, until they saw that Semble was an app tool easy enough that they can actually use it.

When choosing businesses to introduce to Semble, to provide good examples, we thought we should go back to basics, to the old world skills people are losing in 2016, and help those people remind us all of old ways that can enrich our modern lives.

We were lucky to find an eco-friendly fashion designer who uses environmentally friendly materials and teaches people to mend and care for their own clothes, an organic farmer, and a memory expert who is a Guinness Book of World Records holder for memorizing 3,029 digits! We helped them build their first apps with Semble.

They hope to use these apps to teach people more about how to live fully offline, reaching a broader audience, digitally! We hope that seeing these apps will help inspire you to have fun with Semble. Making an app should be fun…


Here’s more about those small businesses trying Semble. You can download their apps to your iOS or Android device by clicking the link under the app name.


Titania_circle_@2x-minThe Darned: Environmental fashion designer teaches classic skills to preserve clothes instead of buying new

Fashion designer Titania Inglis, a one-person business for her brand with the same name, always has an eco-consciousness focus in her design. Material choices are made with much thought, clothes are designed to last longer and part of her mission is to educate people in how to take care of their own clothes.

“Today, people have lost the skills to mend a button or clean their clothes in a way that doesn’t harm the environment too much,” Titania said. “ I see part of my work as educating people, I have it on the labels of my clothes, and with my app The Darned – I’m also in the hands of people, making it possible for them to do wise choices and use these skills which were very common a while ago.”



Farm Queen App: One woman passes on the skills of farming to change the world

Karen Washington, an urban farmer and social activist in Harlem, is through her app, Farm Queen, sharing knowledge which she has gained during the past 30 years running the communal garden, ‘Garden of Happiness.’

“I’m not very technical, I’d rather use my hands outdoors,” she said. ”Many people get inspired by what I do, but they don’t know how to start making something similar themselves. Sharing my knowledge and make farming accessible for everyone, was easy with this tool.”



Watson: Guinness world record holder for memory wants to have people relearn how to remember.

Alexander Mullen, World Memory Champion and holder of a Guinness record in remembering a series of digits, is, together with wife, Cathy Chen, managing a small business developing memory techniques. With these techniques, people can relearn how to remember and actually use their brains again. Check out the app Watson.

“It might seem a bit weird, to teach your brain how to not rely on your phone — with the help of an app.” said Mullen. “But this is a great way of packaging the technique we’re practicing, and a perfect way for us to share our project and really getting our knowledge in the hands of people.”

Semble was created by the smart people behind mag+’s Designd product, widely recognized as one of the best mobile app development platforms. We made it to bring some magic and spark to app creation, and to put that possibility in the hands of people who know nothing about coding. Semble is free to download and you can create loads of content without commitment.

Try it today.