How-To: Pinning and Snapping with mag+ Tools

Are you new to mag+ and just learning how to use our tools for digital publishing? Or perhaps you’ve been using our tools and are looking for some insight on how to save time when creating a magazine for the iPad?  This is a quick tutorial on how to use the ‘pinning’ and ‘snapping’ features. Not only will these unique features help to ensure that your readers have a smooth user experience when reading your publication, they will also save you some time in the design phase.


Pinning gives objects the ability to move dynamically when users turn the device. This means that designers only have to create one layout to support both orientations. Pinning only works on the A-layer and the B-Pinned Blocks layer.

Pinning an object in the A-layer:  Because the A-layer is a free-scrolling layer, there is no bottom. This means that objects in the A-layer can be pinned left and right only. Once you have selected an object to be pinned within your A-layer, work in the object palette of the mag+ Plug-in. Use the option for horizontal pin. There is a dropdown menu that allows you to change the pin from left to right.

Pinning an object in the B- Pinned Blocks layer:  Because the B-Pinned Blocks layer always moves in full screen slides, it has a bottom. This means that objects in the B-Pinned Blocks layer can be pinned to the left and right as well as top and bottom. Again, work in the object palette of the mag+ Plug-in. You will see an option for horizontal pin and an option for vertical pin.

Automatic Pinning:  To save even more time, check the box labeled ‘calculate default pinning’ in the settings palette of the mag+ Plug-in. This allows the system to automatically pin objects to the edge most near the object.  Leave this box unchecked if you want to decide what to pin on an object-by-object basis.

Get creative with your pinning! You don’t always have to pin objects to the side they are most near. Go ahead – move objects around and create completely new layouts. Visit our support forum for a more detailed look at pinning along with visual examples.


Snapping is a powerful tool that helps determine how your layout will look. It’s useful for many things, but especially for aligning elements on the A-layer with elements on the B-layer.

Snapping:  Select the object on your A-layer that you want to snap.  Work in the object palette of the mag+ Plug-in.  You will see the snap option that has several items in the dropdown menu, which include top, inner-top and outer-top.  Selecting from this menu forces the free-scrolling A-layer to “snap” into a specific place that you set.  Click here for a more detailed look at snapping.

Check out our tutorial video on pinning and snapping below, and for additional how-to videos be sure to visit the mag+ Youtube channel.

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