Increase App Engagement and User Retention with Oplytic

One of the biggest challenges that digital marketers face is app abandonment. Whether your app is commercial or private, if no one uses it, you’re wasting your time and money. With this in mind, mag+ is excited to announce that our partner, Oplytic, has added powerful new engagement features to their mobile marketing analytics software.

“The most successful apps deeply engage their audience. After launching a new app, it’s critical to be constantly evaluating which channels and campaigns are most effective and produce the highest engagement,” says Sanjeev Ahuja, CEO of Oplytic.

Oplytic’s software was built by marketers for marketers and is trusted by seven of the top 10 global publishers. In addition to consumer publishing, Oplytic is also being utilized by some of the largest direct selling and professional member organizations in North America. Their embedded software allows you to measure the ROI for every campaign you run to promote your app. This enables you to pursue your mobile strategy by helping you acquire, engage and retain customers in the most cost effective manner.

“Apps have the ability to significantly elevate a businesses, whether B2C or B2B, improve efficiency, make money or save money when done correctly. The opportunities are endless when it comes to mobile marketing and apps, but you need to keep your users engaged,” says Ahuja.

Oplytic’s new messaging product (built right into the mag+ platform) allows you to engage your users by easily sending targeted, customized messages directly within your app to their mailbox or via a pop up ad.

Promote relevant content and features

Engage users with content and information that they care about. Send welcome messages, trial offers, renewal alerts, and other useful information directly to the user.



Smart Links enhance the user experience

Oplytic’s smart linking technology takes the user right to the content being promoted within the app, leading to increased engagement rates.


We’ve taken care of the integration, so enabling Oplytic for your mag+ app is as simple as signing up with the company.

Email or click here to sign up for a demo to see how Oplytic can help increase your app engagement and user retention.