Announcing mag+ 4.1 – Create Your Interactive Mobile Apps Today

One of the things we on the product side decided for 2013 is that we are going to do fewer releases, but make them higher quality and with better features. I think 4.1, officially released today, is a great start to that plan. We think that it has never been easier to create interactive mobile apps.

The main things we wanted to accomplish with this release are to 1) extend the creative possibilities with the mag+ system; and 2) make producing an issue faster and easier. (These are the two themes you’ll see from us for the rest of this year.) Basically we took a bunch of stuff that required HTML before and built it natively into the system.

You can see the full list of new features and bug fixes here. But here are a few highlights:

Dual Layout:

This is the biggest feature, and the one that primarily caused us to hold this back a few weeks past when we planned to release. In short, it’s the ability for you to make a unique layout for the landscape and portrait orientations of a given page (or slide) within a vertical. The traditional mag+ one-layout-for-both-orientations bit still works – this is just another option. It’s pretty cool, and pretty powerful. I think it should really expand what you can do with the system. Read full details on dual layout here, and check out the video below.


Native Zoom & Panning:

Both of these features were available via embedded HTML before, but now they are simple checkboxes in the plug-in for any image. Much quicker to implement. For more details on native zoom please click here, and for full details on panning please click here. The videos below show the zooming and panning features in action.


Issue Control (Including or Excluding Issues from Subscriptions):

This is more on the business side, but I really like this one. Now in Publish, you can decide for any issue whether it is included or excluded from a given subscription. That means you can do things like produce a special issue that is only available to annual subscribers as a sort of incentive for that offering. Or you can make issues that are only available as single-issue purchases. In addition, you can now control what issues auto-download to people’s devices in case you don’t want a special issue to automatically go to all subscribers, for instance. Read more on issue control here (requires mag+ log in).

Pop-ups, V2.0:

We’ve expanded what you can do with pop-ups, adding groups (which allow only one pop-up open at a time), embedded HTML (so you can popup a slideshow or a form, for example), and new transitions flip and zoom when pop-ups open. The video below is a quick demonstration on how to use the new pop-up feature.


Finally, I want to mention a small but cool change in the 4.1 reviewer: We’ve added a Library space separate from the Push Library, which is where you find your layouts for review. The new Library allows us to share content with you, like design examples of the new features, inspiration from other mag+ clients, eventually a new mag+ magazine. The issues will never automatically download, so just check back into that space occasionally and see if there’s anything new and cool there.

It has never been as easier to create interactive mobile apps with Mag+