Introducing our new pricing plan

We have great news: a new pricing model, based on a lot of feedback from our clients and partners, that makes publishing even more affordable for the vast majority our clients.

We heard loud and clear from our clients that you don’t want to choose between features and price. So we killed the limited feature app – everybody gets everything we offer – no upsells, no add-ons. Everyone gets a full-featured app, including access to analytics, as well as the flexibility of paying only when you publish an issue, or monthly for unlimited publishing.

And we also heard emphatically that publishers want the flexibility of paying only when they publish, rather than locking into a monthly fee while they’re still testing and exploring the market. And, we still let clients host themselves or pay us only for the data they serve, so they don’t have to invest up front in expensive monthly downloads.

mag+ new pricing model

The news in short: the limited “GO!” app we used to offer is gone. All our offers now include all the features like analytics, push notifications, app customization, marketing tools and, once you’re monthly, the subscription API. You can publish an app and add issues to it without a monthly commitment. If you publish regularly, we’ve lowered the monthly price from $499 to $399.

The full details on our new price plan can be found in the Feature & Price section. If you have any questions. please ask them in the comments below so that others with the same question will also benefit from our answers.

A short note regarding questions we’ve gotten about how we look at this in light of Adobe’s new pricing:

We saw Adobe’s change and we think it’s great. They’re offering something we tried for nine months, and didn’t see a market for, especially now that Apple won’t let books in the app store. In the end, the more people publishing on tablets and smartphones, the better for all of us, and we think it’s an offer that makes sense as a benefit to those already paying Adobe $600 a year Creative Cloud.

We know that you now have the option of a single-issue app on Adobe for $395, and that’s $600 less than publishing a single issue on our per issue model. At the same time, for some of the things we offer at $999 – like a choice of analytics, publishing to Android and Kindle fire, global access and push notifications – you’d have to go to Adobe’s Professional or Enterprise model, which cost thousands of dollars more per year. But we’re not in a price war on the app front. That would be suicidal for us. We’re a lean startup focused entirely on digital publishing and we already give away the tools for free; Adobe is a large corporation with tons of great products in their portfolio who could give away apps if they wanted to. That’s why we have to just keep focusing on making sure that while we offer similar capabilities, there are plenty of differences—in cost, capability, culture, support, workflow—and that clients checking out both solutions will often find us the one that makes most sense for them. And if not, we wish them luck! Let’s all make digital publishing a real, lucrative and mind-blowingly creative industry, and we’ll all benefit.