Join the Performance with the Swedish Royal Opera App

Mobile devices have rapidly evolved to become one of the most important channels for audience engagement in the arts and cultural heritage sectors. We have a long roster of clients in this space and one of our most recent additions is the Swedish Royal Opera. The cultural institution has done a wonderful job of using the mag+ app making platform to create stunning marketing collateral. As you can see below, they created a beautiful app showcase to present their 2015 season performances.

When you open the app you are immediately introduced to a stunning slideshow called Opera Papier. The immersive images swipe you away for short moment as you’re led through a selection of artists dressed in a menagerie of paper costume creations designed by talented Swedish designer Bea Szenfeld. The entire experience is accompanied by the tunes of Insomnia by Quantum Music Works, which feels like the cherry on top of a first rate experience.

Diving deeper, you’ll find information and images about upcoming performances. With video excerpts from actual performances and dramatic intros, the app feels like a performance in and of itself. There’s also, of course, also a lot of music. For instance, if you tap into Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, you can listen to the aria by tapping the Spotify button. All of this makes you feel like you’re actually at the performance, not on the go or lying in your living room.

Like any good promotional material, you can also tap straight into the Royal Opera’s website to buy tickets. Want to experience more from the Swedish Royal Opera even if you can’t attend in person? Download and enjoy the Swedish Royal Opera app (iPad only), it’s definitely worth it.