Kashi Interactive Ad in SHAPE iPad Magazine

As Gregg Hano, CEO of mag+, mentioned in Digital Magazine Publishers and Advertising 2013, “2012 was a year that digital content creation captured the attention of marketers.” Boy was that the truth! Digital content creation is on the rise, new apps are being created at a rapid pace, and readers are falling more in love with their mobile devices, whether it be their iPad, Android tablet, or smartphone. The combination of these events gives advertisers a huge opportunity to engage with their audience and offer truly personalized advertising. There are several brands offering an interactive and bespoke advertising experience. Kashi is doing just that, interactive and personalized advertising, through an iPad magazine.

The latest issue of SHAPE Magazine for the iPad, which is created with mag+ tools, has an engaging Kashi ad that includes a gaming component. As you scroll through the pages of SHAPE Magazine, Kashi asks the question, “are you getting the right amount of protein?” Once the reader ponders the question, they are invited to ‘Play Now’, and who can resist that invitation? The object of the game is to drag your Kashi bowl around the page trying to catch various foods and protein sources. After the game times out, the ad tells the reader how much protein they caught and invites them to use a personal protein calculator to see if that is the right amount of protein for them.

The protein calculator asks for the reader’s weight and activity level then provides a recommended daily protein amount. From there the reader is invited to explore how Kashi can help them meet their daily protein requirement on the Kashi website. The flow of the ad is extremely smooth, making it easy for users to go to-and-from the Kashi website.

Check out the video below to see the interactive Kashi ad in action.

SHAPE Magazine is owned by American Media Incorporated. Congratulations to the team at Amazon Advertising that made this happen! The Kashi ad is a fantastic example of what can be achieved on the borderless magazine canvas of the iPad.

Creative Director: Traci Shiro
Art Director: Mike Reed
Copywriter: Josh Finderup
Account Executive: Nicole Miesfeld
Producer: Eric Kozak
Development Partner: Apptitude
Art Buyer: Dennis Curry

Creative Agency: Amazon Advertising
Media Agency: Starcom

Download the latest issue of SHAPE Magazine today to check out the Kashi ad yourself.

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