Kevin Spacey and House of Cards – Content Marketing in 5 Minutes

The accomplished actor Kevin Spacey and the acclaimed House of Cards are the undisputed darlings of the television industry at the moment. The show has garnered 9 Emmy nominations and the distinction of being one of the first two digitally distributed shows to receive such an honor.

I encourage you to watch this speech Spacey gave to the Edinburgh International Television Festival last week in its entire brief but powerful 5 minutes, where he convinced his audience that the audience wants control and freedom.

Earlier this week, my response to this video was published in Buisness2Community.  I discuss why customers are the answer to everything, some of my favorite Spacey quotes and give a list of strategies to help you get started customizing your channel content. The three strategies are:

  • Create content based on the screen or the device you are delivering it to. Don’t just repurpose what’s on your website to a PDF mobile app-it won’t resonate.
  • Reinforce your web or print story with short and sharp bursts of information that fill the gap in social and mobile. Give people digests on “the best of” from your older content.
  • Only take on as many mediums as you can well manage, but make sure one of them is cutting edge. If manpower and resources are constrained, don’t try to do every social channel, a web site, a print brand and a mobile app all at once. The goal is excellence through audience awareness.

Check out the article in its entirety on Business2Community.

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