Mag+ Named as Leader in Digital Publishing Solutions, Rich Interactivity

InfoTrends Platform Market Overview
We were very excited to see mag+ presented as one of the most robust and influential digital publishing solutions in the market today, in the lead with rich interactivity capabilities, (see graphic above.) Check out the latest report by InfoTrends, called, “The Digital Platform Market Overview.”

Infotrends describes mag+ as, “one of the few products that does not only optimize PDF files for digital editions but also allows users to create specialized files for digital editions or mobile apps…mag+ also has robust analytics and e-commerce capabilities, and supports rich media.”

InfoTrends notes that although there are between 60-80 main companies in digital publishing, the space is dominated by just six leaders, including mag+. InfoTrends maintains that digital publishing software solutions must include rich media publishing capabilities, analytic and data reporting, publication management and content distribution.

The report also notes that more than 90 percent of enterprises are moving toward digital production. More than 40 percent claim an internal mandate requires them to do so. At mag+, that has certainly proved true. Our clients are making everything from sales presentations to annual reports, m-commerce brochures and more as rapidly as they can churn out the apps.

mag+ was created around the concept that it should be easy to design and distribute stunning mobile content apps that engage users, without the hassle, time or expense of custom development. Please visit our product features page and scroll down for a more detailed understanding of all we can offer in creativity, security, audience engagement and distribution features, as well as how to build successful marketing campaigns with our partners such as Localytics and Appboy, among others.

We recommend you purchase a copy of this report today to see what is happening in the industry, and note the tools and capabilities available to you.