mag+ Retina iPad Update Delays

I’ve got good news and bad news. Let’s get the bad news out of the way: Some of you might have heard that we originally planned to release 3.2 today. While that was true, we’ve had to delay our release of the 3.2 update with retina compatibility one week, until April 11,¬†due to some last-minute bugs and some new information about Apple acceptance rules. We hate doing it, as we’re eager to see all your amazing content on the retina display, but we also want to make sure your apps are as stable as possible and sail through Apple approval process, that has changed in regard to UDID. Techcrunch has a good explanation on why Apple is moving faster than originally planned with phasing out the use of UDIDs.

"Delayed" a photo by Jordiet on Flickr

Now the good news: The delay means that we’re also squeezing in a couple of really cool new features into the release.

  • Any inclusive issue: You will now be able to select in Publish any issue as a free issue for people downloading your app for the first time. And you will be able to change that issue as a live option anytime. We’ve seen that the ability to sample content drives up buy conversion rates considerably, so you’ll now be able to give new readers a sample issue, a back issue or a special issue to try.
  • Disable double-tap: One of the unique things about mag+ is the dual-layer architecture you can build your designs on. Now, we’re making it even more flexible with the option per vertical to design a dual-layer layout, but disable the option for the user to double-tap and turn off the A layer.

In addition to retina iPad compatibility, we’ll also be annoucing more new mag+ devices next week, including a certain Amazon-made tablet and a popular phone from Apple. Stay tuned for more!

We’ll also be hosting a webinar at 11am EDT Thursday, April 12, to walk through all the new 3.2 features and show you how to start building your retina apps and issues. If you’d like to participate (it’s free), you can sign up here.

(Photo courtesy of Jordiet on Flickr)