Make your Marketing Successful with Oplytic

OplyticWhether your mag+ app is commercial or private, if no one uses it, you’re wasting your time and money. That’s why we’re big advocates of app marketing, but even bigger advocates of tracking ROI and marketing performance. That’s where Oplytic fits in.

A third-party service available to all mag+ apps, Oplytic allows you to track the performance of your app marketing efforts. In short, any time you send an email or run an ad that has a link to your app in the app store, Oplytic lets you see who clicked on that link and, crucially, what they did once they downloaded the app. Did they buy a subscription? Download an issue? That allows you to see real ROI on your campaigns and tweak them to find the most effective efforts.

In addition, Oplytic also helps you run incentivized campaigns. Say you’ve found the that the lifetime value of a subscriber in your app is worth $22; you can run a campaign to offer a $10 iTunes gift card for purchasing a subscription. Or maybe you’re just trying to get employees to download the latest HR issue—offer a $5 gift card to the company store.

Finally, Oplytic can help you optimize your app advertising. Using its preferred ad networks, you can pay only when you get an actual paying customer.

We’ve taken care of the implementation, so enabling Oplytic for your mag+ app is as simple as signing up with the company, then checking a box in Publish when you build your app.

Click here to sign up for a demo of Oplytic to see how it can help your app marketing efforts.