Mobile App Templates for Sharing Recipes, Weddings and Vacation Fun


Summer is upon us, and with that weddings, outdoor BBQs,  family reunions, and holiday getaways quickly fill up your schedule. Mobile apps aren’t just for business anymore.  Semble has always offered many mobile app templates, making your work easier. Now, we have added wedding, recipe and vacation holiday templates to the collection to make connecting with friends and family more exciting and accessible. Semble is always free to download, and you can create apps for both iOs and Android.

Take a peek at our newest templates for creating meaningful family mobile apps today! Visit Semble Market to download and make sure to get your free Semble software to try today.


Wedding websites are sooooo 2006. Wedding mobile apps are the current craze. So, brides, go sample flowers and let your groom help with the app!

The Wedding template has pre-created pages for telling people your love story, registry information, and even wedding details or how to RSVP. After the wedding, you can update the app and add your favorite snaps or videos from the big day!




Aunt Jennifer’s pecan loaf,  Mom’s chocolate cake, and the secret chili recipe should be stored where the whole family can find them.  Why not create a mobile app with family pictures of your favorite generational dishes?  Simply use the template and share the link with your family members.

Holiday and Vacations:

Don’t overfill Facebook or Dropbox with memories of your family vacation or holiday. Facebook changes its image policies all the time and Dropbox isn’t sexy.

Instead, use Semble to create a simple beautiful mobile app that you can share with others for free. You can add whatever pages you like and change the subject of any page layout, but we offer sample pages about the place, certain locations, the food, and preset templates prompting you to easily insert your favorite holiday video.

Try these or any other Semble template today.

Happy Summer!