New Release: mag+ 5, 2014-6

First Tuesday of the month means it’s release day! Today’s release is relatively small, with mostly bug fixes.

  • Slideshow fixes: For the iOS app, we cleaned up some weird anomalies that could occur when you used the None transition for slideshows (great for animations) and also a case where an extra blank slide could pop in at the end of a slideshow.
  • Appboy UI changes: For those of you using our great Appboy service, we made the feedback window (which lets users send you feedback directly from the app) a little more intuitive to use.
  • Banner links: This is more of a new feature and I really like it. If you add a URL to one of your in-app store banners, you can now force the link to open in the in-app browser instead of taking the user out to Safari. 
  • Android improvements: This release also brings a bunch of small tweaks to our new Android code base we launched with the 5.0 launch back in January, so you should see overall improved rendering and performance on Android.

Next release will be July 1.