Newsstand Publishing: Naming your App in the App Store

Part two in a series of four blog posts from mag+ Product Expert, Anders Odevik, discusses naming and describing your app in the App Store. Every app creator must select a name and write a description for their app when setting up their iOS app for the App Store. Here are five tips to consider when doing so.


The App Name

The name is the first thing the end-user will see alongside the logo. It is most important that the name is descriptive of the functions of the app. It is preferable to include a common search term that you think your target audience will use to search for your kind of app. You will be able to set keywords for your app but the name of the app carries a ‘heavier’ weight than any keyword you choose.

Keep it Short

If the app name is too long the last part won’t be shown. It will be replaced by “…”. To avoid this, keep the name short. The length of the name shown in the App Store depends if you are on an iPad or iPhone. On the iPad, ~20 character will be shown if it is in a top list, if it shows up in a search result ~40 characters will be shown. On the iPhone, ~11 characters will be shown if it is listed in a top list and in a search result ~22 characters will be shown. This is only in the current version of the App Store so before deciding on the name, check the App Store on how the names are displayed, sometimes less characters will be shown depending on spaces etc.

Get to the Point

When you write the description of the app it is important to make the first sentence compelling. Only the first part of the description is shown in the App Store, for the customer to view the rest of the description he/she must tap “more”. Tapping “more” could serve as an additional barrier to entry for your app. So, get to the point quickly.


When setting the name and description of your app you must set a default language, but you will also be able to add more languages. Localized apps usually have a higher download rate. This gives you the possibility to add more keywords because the name of the app is recognized as a keyword.

Be Fast

Once you’ve decided on the name of your app, make sure to grab it quickly. You can name the app without submitting it, but don’t wait too long before submitting your app. If you haven’t submitted your app to the App Store within 180 days the App will be deleted from your account and you won’t be able to use this name again on the same account. This is to prevent “squatting” on names.


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