Planning for Success: GE Appliances Sales App

On the ground sales teams are no longer simply communicating verbally with potential consumers; they are using mobile devices that promote higher levels of interactivity to connect with consumers in a stronger way. If your company’s sales team lacks a mobile app, this case study will make you think twice.

Fortune 500 company, General Electric, understood the importance of a mobile sales app and created a comprehensive product resource for GE Area Sales Managers and Sales Representatives. The app’s content includes key selling points, videos, full line comparison charts, and product overviews that help stimulate sales and drive demand.

Using mag+ software to create a sleek and modern sales and product guide, GE implemented features such as slideshows, vertical scrolling blocks, and magnification that turned their static content into more dynamic content. The app is also easily navigable and displays relevant information in a compact device that sales teams will enjoy.

GE Sales App

Check out the GE sales app on the iPad! It’s the perfect example of how a company can plan for success and expand the potential of its workforce by mobilizing its sales team with mobile devices and apps that address customer pain points—and, of course, close more deals. Interested in how mag+ can help bolster your team with a mobile app? Contact a sales rep now!