Retailers Creating Apps for iPad

Mobile commerce is growing and it’s driving incremental e-commerce revenues that would not have happened without the availability of tablets and smartphones as new shopping mediums. According to an article by Business Insider, mobile generated retail spend could rise to 15% of retail e-commerce by the end of this year.

Many retail businesses are already embracing the iPad and are building mobile apps that do much more than just display products for sale. At mag+, we’re happy to see the fast growing number of retail clients finding us to be a valuable partner in mobile app creation. Below are some client apps that exemplifies the growth in the retail and custom content sector.


Decathlon is a sports retailer that designs innovative products and technologies. Decathlon has 600 stores    spread over 18 countries, including Brazil, China, India, Russia, and in most European countries.

Decathlon Germany recently hired workID to help create and launch their first iPad App. The app serves as an inspirational magazine showing sports clothing and equipment, including some tips, ideas and innovations from over 70 different sports. It is beautifully designed and includes a lot of digital specific content such as high quality images, product and instruction videos, 360º product views, audio and slideshows. You’ll find maps and contact details to all their stores and of course an e-commerce function that enables product and equipment purchases within the app. Check out a video of the app below.


Famous Footwear: 

U.S. footwear retailer Famous Footwear recently launched The Famous Footwear Stylezine, a seasonal style magazine that showcases new looks and allows customers to browse and purchase shoes available on their website and in their 1,000+ retail locations.

The app provides a shopping experience that is truly a departure from what consumers have come to expect while using mobile devices. The user swipes and scrolls through beautifully created, interactive pages designed specifically for the tablet. All images in the magazine are designed to be “clickable and shippable”. Tapping on any shoe takes a user to that shoe’s product page within the app.



Global street fashion brand WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy (WeSC) has launched iPad, iPhone and Android smartphone editions of its quarterly print magazine – The Superlative Conspiracy Magazine.

The WeSC apps are designed to help the global brand stay close to customers even as it expands the business from Sweden, further into Europe, where it has its roots in Stockholm, to the US, South America and beyond. The beautifully designed apps are packed with high quality visuals, including videos and still photography. Each edition is fully interactive. They also offer powerful, easy to use e-commerce functionality – readers simply tap the images of featured WeSC clothing and accessories to purchase items direct from Social-ready, WeSC editions include built in sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular networks.


Dixons Travel:

Dixons Travel is one of the world’s leading travel technology stores. Via their iPad and smartphone app users can fully browse new products more effectively than they could with a print format. Users can read about the latest gadgets, discover additional information, take a look at the innovative 360º product spins, videos, as well as hints and tips on how to use them – all at their fingertips.

The goal with Dixons Travel app is to lead the user through the edition showing them richer content than is available elsewhere. If the user is interested in a product, they have access to enough additional information that they are able to make a purchase decision. It is truly the next best thing to holding the product, whilst still being able to share it with their friends before buying it.


Some more examples of mobile apps from the custom content sector:

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