Selling Real Estate with a Mobile App

Most people would agree that high-resolution imagery looks amazing on a retina screen. Mobile devices really prove their worth when it comes to selling real estate!


I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Dan Simmons, Design Director at River Digital UK. River Digital is the digital arm of Wordsearch, one of the largest property marketing agencies in the world. Extell Development hired the marketing agency to create the marketing materials for One Riverside Park, a luxurious condominium property in Manhattan.

What do you get by pairing a world-class agency with one of New York City’s most active real estate developers? An inspiring marketing campaign, complete with a gorgeous mobile app for One Riverside Park. See for yourself and download the app in the App Store.

RiversidePark (1)


One Riverside Park: The Campaign

It all started with, a beautiful website that provides information on the building’s neighborhood, design, floor plans and more. Online banner ads served as the second phase of the campaign, promoting the property and pushing traffic to the website. Next came the mobile app, created with the mag+ app creation software. And finally, print ads and billboards served as the closing phase of the campaign.

One Riverside Park: The Real Estate Mobile App

According to Simmons, the mobile One Riverside Park app is primarily used as a sales tool by real estate agents selling the apartments.

“The app makes the real estate agent’s job easier. Much easier. One Riverside Park is a gorgeous property and pixel perfect images presented on the iPad retina make it an easy sell.”


Riverside Park (2)


Riverside Park (3)

The same team that created the website created the mobile app. Simmons says that the ability to embed HTML within the mag+ platform was invaluable. In fact, the team barely touched the mag+ design tools. They simply dropped already existing website assets into the mobile app, saving time and money, and getting further value out of the existing digital workflow. mag+ became a simple way to get app distribution out of their existing assets.

mag+ co-founder Mike Haney says, “It’s a clever use of our platform, letting real estate agents use the One Riverside Park website offline. Because the app was created primarily by embedding HTML 5 it is fast, lightweight and very responsive. The team at River Digital did a fantastic job!”