Shake It Off (or On): New Link Triggers are Here!

mag+ Link TriggersHotspots, or clickable areas, are the key behind any interactivity in your mag+ design. They’re the triggers that, when tapped, open a popup, activate a web link, play a movie or audio file, or take you to another page. But what if the reader didn’t have to tap the hotspot to make that action happen? What if it could happen magically as soon as they arrived at a particular spot, or even when they shook their iPhone?

That’s what the new link triggers in the 5.2.3 release make possible. Now, when you select a clickable area in your design, you’ll see a new drop-down menu called Trigger in the Object palette in the mag+ plug-in. This lets you choose how that hotspot is activated. The new choices are:

  • On Tap – When the user taps the hotspot.
  • In View – When the hotspot comes into view
  • Out of View – When the hotspot exits view
  • Shake – When the user shakes the device while the hotspot is in view (iOS only)
  • None – No trigger, the Hotspot can’t be activated

The “in view” trigger has been supported in the apps for a while, but you had to manually edit the XML to use it. Here’s a post on some cool things you can do with that trigger. It’s especially useful when you start using the mag+ overlay layer, as it lets you change the appearance of the overlay or the page underneath it using popups triggered by the “in view” setting. “Shake” can just be a fun way to drive more interaction with the app, or can even be a secret easter egg, revealing something only for those that stumble on it. We’re eager to see what you guys do with this new bag of tricks!