Six Ways to Get Great App Reviews From Your Users

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Everyone wants a 5-star rating for their apps. Here are some ways to get there.

Everybody is looking for a way to get their app in front of more eyeballs. One way to get more visibility is to score some great reviews. Being highly rated by your users improves your search ranking in the app stores, helps convince users to select your app over your competitor’s app and best of all, if you make the charts, greatly increases your downloads.

The first step to getting a boatload of great reviews should be obvious: build a great app. (We think it helps if you use Designd or Semble.)

Once you’ve done that, here’s how to get users to share the news about your stellar creation.

  1. Only ask your most loyal users. Guess what?  Someone who opens your app frequently is someone who’s enjoying your product. Tailor your asks to people who are happy customers. It’s okay if there are not a lot of them yet. Quality is better than quantity when you’re just starting out.
  2. Don’t ask too soon. Hand in glove with number one, you shouldn’t ask for a review from someone who downloaded your app yesterday. In your real life, you don’t try to sweet talk someone you’ve known for five seconds into doing you a favor, so don’t do it in your app. People need time to fall in love with your stuff.
  3. Don’t ask the second the app opens. Your user is opening your app for a specific reason; to take a specific action. If you give them a pop-up box requesting a review instead of what they came for, it’s irritating and could lead to a bad review. Let them finish a task before presenting the pop-up ask.
  4. Try non-pop-up methods of asking. More app makers are discovering that offering an integrated ask (presented on the page with other content) is less annoying to users than a pop-up.
  5. Ask nicely. Make your language casual, fun and polite. And accept no for an answer graciously. You’ve seen pop-ups with a “no” button that reads some like, “No, I don’t want to change my life for the better right now.” Don’t phrase things so that your reader has to brand herself  as a jerk. It’s just bad manners.
  6. Don’t sound desperate. Begging for reviews is a sure way to get one of two results: no review or a bad review. Avoid saying things like, “Our success depends on your review!” People give positive reviews when they are genuinely pleased with their experience, not to do app makers  personal favors. Frame your request in terms of the benefit they’ve gotten from you, or as a way for them to help others like them.

Capturing great reviews is part of any good marketing strategy. Follow the tips above and you’ll be reaping the rewards of good reviews in no time.
Start designing your app today.