Surprise! You’re a Publisher

iStock_000024041420Large_jeans&hands-2“91% of adults have their mobile phone within arms’ reach 24/7” –  nielsen


This is just one of a handful of stats along a similar vein. Whatever angle you look at, the facts all point in the same direction – towards the small, touchscreen devices we carry around in our bag, pockets and generally just cannot be detached from.

As a company whose foundation lies in Publishing, we like to think we have a pretty solid notion of where the industry lies, and where it will go moving forward. When one thinks of publishing as an idea, one thinks of books or magazines. Images of people wearing horn-rimmed glasses spring to mind. Now, while the fashion choices in some cases may be true to those depicted, the world of publishing has gone through a massive change in the past decade.

Brands can no longer merely exist. Mobile is changing the world of publishing and now, everyone is a publisher. People are absorbing vast amounts of content on an hourly basis. If your brand has a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account or something similar, you are creating and curating content. Surprise, you are a publisher!

Considering 80% of a mobile users time is spent in apps rather than mobile web, it’s not enough to just create content. The real return comes when you can effectively and intimately communicate with customers. A mobile app allows you to do just that, forging two way conversations that will garner a response from your clients.

mag+ Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Mike Haney, spoke on this topic at the recent Mobile Innovation Summit in New York City. You can check out his presentation below, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments. For more information on how mag+ can be a solution for your business, head over to our use cases section.


Establish a relationship with your user and it will pay off.


Put Your Content Where Your Audience Is: On Mobile from mag+