The Future Of Digital Publishing Is Now 600 Apps Closer

I am thrilled to report that over 600 apps are now powered by mag+!

At the beginning of August we started planning the release for 400 apps, but we hit that goal faster than expected, and the numbers just kept growing. We ‘re-planned’ the release, totaled the numbers and realized we hit 600. That milestone, for a small company, was just too good to keep to ourselves. So there you have it!

It’s an awesome, and a somewhat humbling experience, to have so many great brands (and creators!) create the future of digital publishing with mag+ software. There are so many examples, we wish we could highlight them all. Here are a few examples we believe show the diversity that we envisioned when we set out to create mag+. In addition about 100 more can be seen in our Pinterest-powered gallery.

We also support apps that publish fast like RedEye for iPad, published daily by the Chicago Tribune Company.

mag+ powers catalogs and internal sales material apps too. There are B2B apps, like Unilever Food Solutions’ that help chefs and restaurant owners to cook in a more cost- and time effective way.

There are magazines for Android tablets like top rated Game Q, titles for the Kindle Fire like USA Today’s Collector’ Special about the boy band One Direction and magazines for the iPhone like ICON Global and British Journal of Photography

What’s so exciting is we’re only seeing the beginning of tablet and smartphone publishing. According to Forrester, in 2016 there will be 760 million tablets in use and more tablets will be sold than laptops!  Learning how to create engaging apps today isn’t an expense – it’s an investment in this future.

The future of digital publishing is here. Please use these, and other mag+ customers, as inspiration for what YOU can do with our best-in-class software!

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