Top Magazine Publishers Use Mobile Publishing Creatively to Stay Relevant

Providing daily content strengthens brand community and helps with the other “28-day problem”

Magazine publishers continuing down the more traditional route of print, web and sometimes PDF replicas for mobile publishing take note — smart, innovative, forward thinking pioneers in the business are finding amazing ways to develop new content, reuse existing content or identify trending content that can be enhanced for their readers. They’re even generating revenue as a result.  How are you extending your brand’s reach to stay top-of-mind for consumers, reaching them day-to-day?

Gregg Hano - Thoughts from the road.

Gregg Hano – Thoughts from the road.

Way to go NY Times, Esquire, and mag+ clients New York Magazine and The Atlantic! These brands are testing, learning and succeeding during the biggest migration in content consumption patterns since Gutenberg invented the press!

Each of these content companies — and that is what we all are now, not solely print or web businesses — is taking a slightly different approach to staying relevant day-to-day on their subscribers’ tablets and mobile phones.

They are solving what I have been calling ‘the other 28 day problem’ – how a publisher can keep his brand and content relevant to his readership the other 28 days between publishing cycles. As our world becomes increasingly mobile, push products, beautifully designed for the device intended, with interactivity (not gimmicks but useful enhancements), will more deeply connect your audience to your brand on a regular basis and give them more value for the subscription or membership fee to join the community.

We always recommend that our clients think about how they can compel usage between individual issues. Sometimes there is resistance because someone believes all content has to be absolutely original. The reality is, if you have been in business a few years, or a few HUNDRED years, like New York Times or The Atlantic, you have a gold mine of interesting information just waiting to be excavated and made relevant to your readers right now.

To learn more about our specific mobile publishing platform accomplishments, look for case studies on iPad magazines here on mag+. Also be sure to read this recent article by Sam Kirkland at Poynter, or Dante D’Orazio’s great discussion on The Verge regarding the New York Times and its digital-only ‘Need to Know.”