TV meet iPad

15% of US TV households have one or more tablets. That means more than 16 million households. Combine that with the fact that the tablet is mostly a portable device within the home, whereas the smartphone and laptop are portable devices we bring to work and on the commute, and you have a strong incentive for TV related magazines and guides to be on tablets.

This fact is supported by the plethora of ways to turn an iPad or Android tablet into a universal remote control, like Griffin’s Beacon, L5 Remote and Logitech Harmony Link.

Earlier we wrote about how Swedish hit TV show “Det Blir Bättre” launched a magazine to accompany the show. Another publisher that is with the times: TV Guide Magazine, LLC. You no longer have to get the paper edition to get program listings and news about your favorite shows as well as upcoming programs. You can get them directly to your iPad. You can download it and check it out directly on your iPad or you can get a sneak preview in the screenshots below: