What Content Publishing Trends in the Mobile Event Space Can Teach Us All


QuickMobile’s 2014 Publishing Trends for Mobile Event Apps are Universal.

We were delighted to learn of QuickMobile’s recent whitepaper outlining seven predictions for the mobile event app industry. Why were we delighted?  Because the bulk of QuickMobile’s predictions can apply to any one of us in digital content publishing, whatever the purpose of your app.

In today’s real-time world, with deeply savvy digital natives, facing a thousand demands on their attention, and a thousand more delightful possible distractions by the minute, any app creator in content publishing MUST strive to do more, be more, listen better, and create compelling experiences.

mag+ clients create a huge variety of apps, a bulk of them focused on content publishing for businesses, sales teams and conferences. This includes the mobile events industry, as in mag+ client, Custom Content Council.

Predictions that are Universal to Content-Based Apps

We won’t ruin your white paper reading, but three predictions from QuickMobile we find most universal include:

Prediction # 3: Mobile Event Apps Transform the Engagement Spectrum.

In 2014, all our clients need to be looking to engage more.

Prediction #5: Event Owners Will Leverage Analytics to Deepen Business Intelligence and Validate ROI.

This is very true with content-based mobile apps across the spectrum. There are a myriad of ways you can measure your data, and change your app to keep your users happy. For more on analytics, and how you probably AREN’T using them.

And lastly, but most importantly,

Prediction #7: QuickMobile says that for a growing number of organizations, mobile event apps will evolve from being event-centric to connecting an organization to its audience year-round.

Extrapolating that to the wider digital publishing world, this is an imperative for any content app, whether you are a traditional magazine publisher to a corporate communications department—you need to make your app a living, breathing entity that connects with your community in real time. What are you doing to make sure that your app remains engaging between major events, whether those events be actual trade shows or your next monthly issue?

If the answer is, “I’m not sure,” give us a call. We’ve seen thousands of apps, we know what works, and our teams have even helped design a few engaging ones. We are here to help.