What iOS8 Means for Digital Publishers

This is a guest post from our app marketing partner, Appency

Apple unveiled iOS8 this week at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. While there are some new features that will have app developers in general bouncing in excitement, like a new programming language, integrated TestFlight app testing and expanded iCloud storage, there are a few features that anyone with a mag+ app should be aware of. These updates will become available in the fall, and of course mag+ will be iOS8-compatible from day one.

1. App bundles


Apple will now allow developers to sell apps in bundles. In the example from the keynote, a children’s app developer could bundle together five apps in their portfolio and offer them for a single price. This is great opportunity for companies that have multiple related apps. For example, Bonnier could bundle Outdoor Life and Field & Stream.

2. Video trailers in the App Store

Apple is finally going to allow developers to post video trailers in the App Store. The video will be in the place where the first screenshot usually goes. This move puts Apple on par with Google Play, which has had this feature for a while, and we can say with certainty that it’s important. Google has claimed that the video trailer is the most important aspect of persuading consumers to download an app.

That said, it is unclear yet what restrictions will be put on the videos – Apple has a long history of regulating what can and cannot be in the app screenshots, though the enforcement of those rules is sometimes spotty. For example, we do not yet know if the video must only be screen capture of the app in use, or if developers will be allowed to make more trailer-like videos. It’s important to note that the ideal orientation of these videos is portrait to fit an upright iPhone screen, not landscape like most videos for YouTube and other channels.

mag+ does offer a package to help developers create a video trailer for their app. You can find more information here.

3. Scrolling resultsiOS-Scrolling

Even if you’re not yet ready to upload a video trailer, you’ll need to pay attention to your app’s iTunes presence. With the new scrolling results, more than one app will be shown immediately, making consumers more likely to scroll through to find the screenshots that are most engaging. Additionally, the results now show two screenshots rather than just one. This means more opportunities to show off the content of your magazine, but it also means that apps have a greater need to have better, more beautiful screenshots to grab consumers’ attention.

Sara Kewin is an account manager for Appency Mobile App Marketing, which is proud to partner with mag+ to provide marketing services for mag+ clients.