• ManAboutWorld

    ManAboutWorld is more than a new magazine—it’s your ticket to the personal connections and vast explorations that characterize travel at its best.

    Enabled by the digital canvas of the iPad and empowered by our global correspondents, we are the one degree of separation between you and the most rewarding journeys.

    In every issue, we bring you an insider view of the most popular destinations and inspire you to explore places far beyond them. We save you hours of travel planning time with thoughtful, opinionated recommendations that aren’t driven by advertising bias or user ratings of questionable origin.

    And we do it all with a perspective that acknowledges the importance of our sexuality and the various ways it factors into our travel decisions.

    We believe that travel—the authentic, personal experience of different peoples, places, and cultures—is transformative. In our two decades of travel writing, we have been privileged to experience that transformation and to have chronicled the social progress catalyzed by the visibility and economic clout of gay travelers. The gay-rights movement may be inexorably heading to victory in much of the enlightened world, yet our gay brothers and sisters still face discrimination, oppression, and violence all over the globe, including in many popular travel destinations. As we explore these places, we foster dialogue and engage you in the advancement of human rights for everyone, everywhere.