Tharawat Digital iPad Magazine

Tharawat-Magazine-July-Created-With-mag+A while back we met up with our client Ramia M. El Agamy, Editor-in-Chief, Tharawat magazine, to discuss the creation of the Tharawat magazine app, the only publication in the Middle East focused on the topic of family business and one out of three publications worldwide in this niche.

Tharawat has, since then, only been available in iTunes and Google Play in the UAE stores, but with the purpose of raising awareness on the fascinating family business stories around the world, Tharawat is now making their digital magazine available on a global scale.

What was the strategy behind launching locally first and then globally?

While there are many best-practice items produced around the topic of how to drive app downloads, we found there to also be a lot of contradictory statements on what tools ultimately make an app a success. In a bid to find out for ourselves what works and what doesn’t, we thought it wise to first test all marketing methods on a local scale. This allowed us to see the benefits or draw backs of different approaches clearly and enabled us to draw our own conclusions regarding what works for our app and what doesn’t. Now we know more and are confident that the global launch will reach a wider public given time and the right strategy.

Why did you decide to also make an Android edition?

We have now launched our Android edition along with the iPad version. Again, this was important to compare the two market places and understand their differences. We will put a priority on promoting our app on Google Play starting this August.

Below is a sneak peak at the video cover of Tharawat magazine’s latest issue.