The Crafty Swedes Digital iPad Magazine

Apps make every part of our lives easier. The very fact that one can find mobile apps for crafters shows just how digital our generation has become.

Whether you’re into making brilliant bats from toilet paper rolls, mailboxes from cereal boxes, or a Christmas troll (or three) there are plenty of apps for crafty minds out there that will keep you near your crafts even when you’re on the go.

One example is the recently launched  “The Crafty Swedes”, a new international iPad crafts magazine. The magazine is made by the creative duo Karin and Freja who, for the last two years, have been producing the internationally acclaimed Swedish based craft blog

The magazine is free of charge and from the cover page you can choose language (Swedish or English) by a simple tap on the screen. Based on the blog, this is a fun magazine that focuses on easy and affordable crafts for kids and adults. In addition to the fun and easy step-by-step tutorials, you’ll also find a list of handy crafts materials to keep at home, smart ways to make crafting with kids easier and reviews of books and websites.

Karin Schaefer, one of the founders, decided to do an iPad magazine because she believes in the digital evolution of the printed medium and as a graphic designer, she feels a great need to keep up on the progress.

 “I run a blog with a loyal readership and a digital magazine is a bonus I am happy to offer my readers”.

As for choosing mag+, she feels that the platform is incredibly user-friendly:

“The fact that I can do my magazines in a program I already master played an important role. The amazing support I received from the mag+ in the form of tutorials online and personal meetings made the whole production really smooth”.

Download the app for free and watch a video of the app below: