Aeron Photography Digital Photographic Journey

If you are a photographer or an aspiring photographer, or even if you just love looking at beautiful pictures, Photographic Journey-Venice Beach is an app that you must check out! Aeron Photography showcases stunning images, videos and sounds through a beautifully created app, taking full advantage of the mag+ publishing software. PhotographicJourney-Venice-Beach-iPad-Cover-made-with-Magplus

Each Photographic Journey issue has a theme, and the latest focuses on the allure and lifestyle of Venice Beach. The issue includes inspiring photography, videos and sound bites of the three-mile stretch of sandy beaches that we know as Venice Beach. Gaze into soothing sunsets or watch a photo time-laps of birds taking flight over the ocean, and street artists creating a masterpiece. This app truly feels like an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Created on the mag+ platform, Photographic Journey has a seamless user experience. The app utilizes jump links on the cover page, giving users the ability to jump straight from the cover page to the category they are most interested in (videos, photos, or articles). The app also showcases beautiful image sequences created in the mag+ feature builder.

Photographic Journey is available in iTunes as well as Google Play.  The beauty of the app comes through no matter what device you choose. Download and escape today!


Photographic Journey – Google Play
Photographic Journey – iTunes

For a sneak peek of what’s inside the Venice Beach issue, take a look at the video below.