Arizona University Digital Alumni Magazine

The University of Arizona, located in Tucson Arizona, has been printing the Arizona Alumni Magazine for years. But, with so many people purchasing iPads and consuming their content through iPad apps and magazines, they recently launched the Arizona Alumni iPad Magazine, now available in iTunes!

Arizona-Alumni-Mag-Made-with-mag+Created on the mag+ platform, the magazine is very well designed and holds the users attention with many interactive elements. The launch issue, 2013 Summer edition, includes a wonderful feature story “10 by 10”, which looks at ten alumni that have demonstrated a commitment to the UA philanthropically. In this feature story, users can click on the image of an individual to see where they went after school, and how they continue to focus on philanthropy.

The launch issue also features a very cool graduation time lapse that plays on the B-Layer. While the time lapse shows the stadium filling with graduates and attendees, they user can listen to “Bear Down”, the school fight song, and browse through images of graduation on the top A-Layer. Users will spend a lot of time exploring this page.

We asked Jacob Chinn, Director of Photography and Videography for the University of Arizona Alumni Association, why they decided to produce an iPad app and magazine. Here is what Jacob had to say.

“As an Alumni Association we want to make sure that we connect with all of our alumni. As tablet use increases and printed readership decreases it’s important that we bring digital publications into the fold. With the new app we hope to increase our reach and also increase our understanding of what our readers are looking for.”


Jacob Chinn went on to explain that the app gives their readers a more immersive interactive experience. Short animated intros and sound effects allow the reader to feel more absorbed in the story. Interactivity, like buttons and pop-ups, help further engage readers in the content. The iPad magazine also includes extra features that cannot be found in the print edition, such as short movies, slide shows, and extended stories. This content gives Arizona alums a deeper and more personal understanding of what the UA is doing on campus and around the world.

See the Arizona Alumni iPad magazine in action in the video below.